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An Insight Into Home Equity Loans

home equity loans

For individuals considering remodeling their home, buying a second home, or perhaps needing assistance with debt consolidation, a home equity loan can be extremely beneficial. As with any loan, there are benefits and disadvantages to consider. At My Home Loans in El Paso, we do our best to provide you with insight into the home loan process with the intention of a favorable outcome on your end. Allow us to help you get started.

What is a Home Equity Loan?

Often referred to as a home equity installment loan, a home equity loan is an excellent way to consolidate debt or pay for other larger expenses. Since home equity loans have a fixed rate, offer a steady repayment plan, and may include potential tax advantages, they allow you comfortably achieve your financial goals. In short, this loan will allow you to borrow against the value of your home. The key benefit is that it allows you to borrow a large amount of money with simple qualifications, considering that the purpose is to improve your financial situation.

Reasons to consider a home loan include if you owe more money than your home is worth. While most borrowers use these types of loans to make improvements on their home, there is no requirement as to how you use the loan. However, there are risks that you should consider before diving right in. Our role is to help guide you in a direction that will leave you with the best outcome possible. You can think of a home equity loan as your second mortgage, which is meant to help improve the property or raise its equity.

Do I Qualify?

As you consider your many options when it comes to loans, determining what you qualifying for is one of the first steps to take. Similar to your first mortgage application, taking out a second home loan has requirements. Some of these qualifications include:

  • Credit score of 700 or at least 621.
  • A low debt-to-income ratio.
  • A good loan-to-value ratio.

Benefits of Home Equity Loans

Key benefits of the loan include:

  • Low rates. You can expect a lower interest rate than that of personal loans or credit cards.
  • No upfront costs or fees. There are no application fees associated with this loan, as well as zero closing costs.
  • Affordable monthly payments. Your monthly payment will be the same for at least 30 years.
  • Possible tax deductions. You may be able to claim the interest paid on this loan through your annual income tax. It’s best to request additional information on the specifications with your tax preparer.

What Can Home Equity Loans Be Used For?

  • Home improvements - If you’re considering doing some remodeling or upgrades to your home, you should consider a home equity loan. The primary benefit of doing so is that you’re investing money in your current property so if you ever consider selling, the home may be worth more.
  • Consolidating debt - Often times, people struggle to keep up with multiple debts, and their payment history suffers as a result. If you’re currently finding it difficult to keep up with your debt, you should consider consolidating your debt into a single plan with a competitive rate and feasible payment.
  • Purchasing a second home or piece of land - If you already have one mortgage and are looking to buy a second home or land, a home equity loan can be the best option for you.

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